Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Fan Mail

Love Letters to the Beatles edited by Bill Adler is far too short (containing only about 25 short letters) but it is fabulous. The general premise of my work is that the teenybopper movement (in every incarnation) is an empowering moment for young girls. Whether because they organize (in fan clubs or at concerts), become violent, loose themselves in devotion, are revolutionaries against the law of their families, or identify profoundly with an idol who inhabits a free body (a male body)--the various "bopper" movements are interesting, deep and marvelous and should be regarded as such.

I'm going to begin listing the letters to the Beatles that are illustrative of all of the above. These girls are rebels, outlaws, lunatics and poets.

Dear Ringo,

One girl in our school said, "I'm going for Ringo and if any girl goes near him I'll kill her".
I have only one comment that that little statement, "what a way to go!"

Annie L.
Cleveland, Ohio

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Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

I am writing about the Beatles and feminism for one of my classes, and I am wondering if I can quote what you wrote in your post on fan mail. Would this be alright with you?