Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Roommate Doesn't Like the Beatles

Do you ever meet someone who, to your unbridled horror, claims they "don't really like the Beatles"? I've broken up with someone for believing whole-heartedly that "the Beatles aren't really that influential", which was, if nothing else, an unmistakable warning sign for probable mental instability, if not outright drooling madness.

Usually when people are so dismissive, I tend to feel that this is symptomatic of not being familiar with the Beatles more than anything else. Such is the case with my roommate. She more or less challenged me to change her views on the fabs last weekend, and so I've embarked on a new blog-project where I, in 10 posts, make a case for the Beatles, tailored of course to my perceptions of her aesthetics.

If anyone is interested (all none of you who read this), the blog is called "You Don't Like the Beatles" and will cease after the aforementioned 10 posts. In it, however, some of my reasons for liking the Beatles/interpretations of their music will be chronicled for any who cares to know.

'tis all.

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inconceivable. massey